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Started in January 2009, I made this blog in order to show the world what kind of guys a black woman likes—not the stereotypes of only loving black men. I wanted to show my own taste. Through this I found the concept of “declaring yourself” which is about liking the guys who you like without asking anyone for permission—liking them loud and proud!  
Over the years, the crushes of readers have found their way into the blog since after connecting with people via internet; I have found so many other women with similar taste to mine.
I think the best thing about blogging is the fact that I have questioned so much of the preference that I have for men that it has gone back to the child-like view of the world, no-second guessing.
Since I’m a university student by day and freelance writer and romance author in all of the time I need to use for my homework you can contact me through facebook or email or twitter or this author.

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