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a crush a day | Y-TUBE
acrushadayTV is the video-radio channel on YouTube as a supplement to this blog. I will be discussing the same kinds of things that I do on this blog except that it will be more fun and interactive because of it’s form. Subscribe to that channel to have even more in-depth conversations.

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1. gong yoo & me loved even during military service (the love)

병역 기간 중에도 공주를 기다리고있었습니다. 나는 그가 필요하다. 나는 내일 더 쓸 것이다. 나는 유명한 작가이다. 어디에나. ♥ Follow | Add | Like

[RECIPE] [ENG CC] how to make goblin macaron Gong Yoo drama 'dokkaebi' C...

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